Wrongful Death

California Wrongful Death Attorney

The wrongful death of a loved one creates an emotional void in the lives of those who are left behind – a void that no amount of monetary compensation could ever begin to fill. But if you have lost a close family member in a fatal accident, pursuing compensation through a wrongful death lawsuit may play a part in healing after your loss. For a free consultation from an experienced lawyer dedicated to bringing you and your family justice, contact Lallande Law PLC today by filling in the contact form or calling (800) 308-8800.

The law firm of Lallande Law PLC approaches wrongful death cases with three goals in mind:

Auto Accidents

With a background in science, attorney M. Lawrence Lallande employs his knowledge of physics to reconstruct accidents to create a forceful demonstration of his clients’ claims.

Premises • Animal Bites

Owners of land and owners of animals are responsible for keeping their property reasonably safe – and may be liable for injuries if they do not. The same holds for the manufacturers of unsafe products. We handle serious injuries caused by all types of unsafe products and property conditions.

Catastrophic Injury • Wrongful Death

Serious accidents can change individuals’ lives forever, or even end them. With meticulous precision, Lallande Law PLC shows juries the true repercussions that the accident has had on the client’s daily life.

Medical Malpractice

Physicians are obliged to uphold a high standard of care when treating their patients, because a life is on the line every time they go to work. M. Lawrence Lallande has experience in medical malpractice litigation and mediates malpractice disputes for the courts.