Pedestrian v. Truck- Fractures and Skin Degloving: $1,000,000.00

Plaintiff, a 63 year old male accountant who worked from his second story home office,  heard the trash truck near the area of his house and went downstairs to throw out shredded documents.  Plaintiff claimed that as he was placing the trash into the side loading trash truck the driver pulled away from the curb causing plaintiff to fall and then be run over by the rear wheels. Defendant contended that plaintiff saw that the trash truck had already picked up the trash in front of his house and that as the truck drove to its next stop plaintiff ran next to the trash truck in an effort to deposit the trash in the side opening. Defendant contended that plaintiff fell on the sloped curb/gutter. Plaintiff suffered a fractured arm, fractured finger in his right hand, and a degloving injury to his right buttocks.

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