Premises Liability

Inadequate Security • Dangerous Property • Roadway Design

Property owners are responsible by law for keeping their property reasonably safe, so that injuries do not occur as a result of dangerous conditions there. This extends to slippery floors, poorly designed factories, unsafe government property such as roads, and inadequate security that leads to violent assaults and crime.

Devoted to principles of justice, Mr. Lallande’s reputation is built on his active participation in public legal associations and his record of winning multi-million dollar settlements for his clients. In addition, he is fully fluent in both English and Español.

Premises Liability on Public Roadways and Property

Our roadway system is designed so that any reasonably attentive driver should be able to safely navigate it. Sometimes, due to faulty construction, poor design, or inadequate signage, motorists can unwittingly drive themselves directly into life-threatening situations. Lawyer M. Lawrence Lallande knows that the only way to keep roadway planners and construction companies from repeating these mistakes is to hold them accountable for providing fair compensation for the injuries their negligence causes.

Premises Liability on Private Property

When you walk into a store, you expect to be safe. By opening a store to the public and actively seeking to draw customers in, business owners take the responsibility upon themselves to keep their premises safe. But slippery floors, or even an architect’s malpractice in designing the building, can cause dangerous conditions.

Lallande Law PLC has represented a number of individuals who have suffered serious injuries such as broken bones, brain injuries and spinal cord injuries as the result of negligent upkeep on private and public property.

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