Motorcycle v. Auto: $650,000.00 (Jury Verdict)

Plaintiff was travelling on a motorcycle in Palm Spring. When Plaintiff was approximately 100 feet from the intersection, the light for his direction of travel changed from red to green, and Plaintiff went from decelerating to accelerating. Plaintiff observed a white SUV that was proceeding in the opposite direction as him, and Plaintiff caught a glimpse of Defendant’s vehicle coming into the intersection against the light. Defendant failed to stop for the red light at the intersection. Due to the close proximity of plaintiff to the intersection, and in an attempt to avoid the accident, Plaintiff downshifted and put on his brakes. The motorcycle started to go down on the right and then upright and went down on the left and slid some 53 feet to the intersection. The witnesses in the white SUV testified that Plaintiff had the green light , and that the motorcycle skid as the Plaintiff did everything he could to avoid the accident. As a result of the accident, Plaintiff suffered severe and disabling injuries, including a fracture of his left femur close in proximity to the area of his prosthetic left hip, and was in the hospital for 33 days. He was then hospitalized for 5 days for fever and pain in his left leg. A few months after the accident, Plaintiff was again readmitted to the hospital with an infection in his left hip, which required it to be removed. He went on to have 7 surgeries in 200 for infection of the hip, including several irrigations and debridgments of the bone and tissue. For a period of more than 8 months, Plaintiff suffered with a large open wound in the hip that had to be cleaned and dressed several times a day. At the time of the trial, plaintiff was without a left hip and unable to bear weight on his left leg. Plaintiff had a separate medical malpractice lawsuit against the Doctor, in which Plaintiff contended that the Doctor failed to timely treat the hip infection.

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