Medical Malpractice- Defective Product: $2,570,000.00

Baby A was born prematurely, and was receiving parenteral nutrition through an IV system which used a syringe infusion pump to slowly infuse the nutritive solution into the patient at a regulated rate. The components of the pump were incorrectly positions so that the solution directly flowed to the patient, and the pumps alarm which should have alerted the nursing staff of the occluded flow failed to sound. Baby A received an overdose of the solution, causing her blood sugar levels to rise to a hyperglycemic state resulting in seizures. Anti-seizure medication was ordered, but the dosage was miscalculated and the baby received an overdose of anti-seizure medication. The baby went into cardiac arrest, resuscitation efforts were undertaken and the baby was placed on a pacemaker. The baby suffered hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy with cortical blindness and probable deafness, seizure disorder and apenic spells, spastic quadriparesis and permanent full neurologic deficit, sensory deprivation and profound developmental retardation.

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