Client Testimonial: Premises Liability (2013)

Mr. Michael Lallande distinguished himself from pack other personal injury lawyer, when it comes Integrity, Commitment, Excellence in his service to his clientele involving personal injury victim. Base from my personal experienced, he(Lallande) will work in your case 24/7 even on weekends, just get the job done. He have open door policy can call him anytime or see him w/ regards to your case. I am very satisfied w/ his service.Personal experienced confirmed this when he took over my case  on Feb 23, 2012, from my previous lawyer who did not even made a slight effort to fully represent me in my case. As a result of Mr. Lallande relentless effort in pursuit of justice and equity, we were scheduled for trial by Los Angeles Court, however after several negotiation/mediation; on 12 August 2013 the day of trial we reach a settlement between the defendants. As a result of his broad experienced, and legal superior skills and super hard work,got me a settlement 3 times the amount , that my previous lawyer were trying to negotiate without authorization from me.

I highly recommend Mr. Lallande with complete confidence. On the Scale of 1 to 10, I score him 10+



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