Client Testimonial: Auto v. Van Collision (2014)

Beside thanking God most of all and all of those people who supported and took care of me on my biggest challenge of all,.I wanted to make sure that I thank Lallande Law firm and family on what they have done for me to get through this. It was the biggest challenge that all of a sudden I/we had to face, and I thought my loved ones and I would be alone in this. This is my story that I am very proud to share.

My accident that occurred a little over 3 years ago (2011)  had ruined and almost ended my life due to the physical injuries and emotional distress that I had endured and still continue to try to recover from. My partner (who is now my spouse) had already hired a Lawyer to help with my case, but the first lawyer that we hired didn’t turn out so well from the very beginning. So my spouse decided to just look around the internet and see who could help us with my case. And there it was…my spouse saw Mr. Lallande’s picture on the Internet and her first thought was “this lawyer looks tough”, aside from being smart and knowledgeable.  After reviewing his profile,  she made a call, and we both spoke to Mr. Lallande regarding seeking help with my case.  And boy you know it, Mr. Lallande is one of the biggest helps in my recovery process.  It is not because Lallande Law helped with my case and won my case with a 7 figure settlement. It is because Lallande Law made sure I was going to be taken care of for the rest of my life. That’s when I started realizing that yes, money is one of the biggest factors in life but because from the very beginning  Mr. Lallande was always upfront and honest with us and very supportive, as time progressed within those 3 years, it made me realize that money wasn’t  the only factor in life. It’s the people around you who are there to truly take care of you and support you in your downest moments. Lallande Law wasn’t just there for me to win and try to settle my case, but I truly, truly felt from the bottom of my heart that Lallande Law was there to make sure my overall health and mental stability was a priority. It wasn’t all about the settlement or money (like I or most people that I know would think of the perception “that lawyers are all about the money and that’s all they care about”). My mentality changed because of Mr. Lallande, he is not all about the money. Mr. Lallande truly cares for his client and I am a true to life example of it. Mr. Lallande and his team have always been there for me and my spouse and never left us. There are no words I can use or say on how Thankful and Grateful I am with  Lallande Law and their Family. Mr. Lallande may look scary but in my experience being his client I can actually say he is one of my Angels who also watched over me during my very worst moments that I had to endure. He and his family helped us through it all. There are no words I can say to express it. Mr. Lallande is not just a Lawyer that will help you win your case but he is a Human. I used to have this mentality that lawyer is heartless, but not this one. Mr. Lallande has a Huge Genuine Heart and will never leave your side. I will highly recommend no one else but Lallande Law. They don’t have the title of being Super Lawyers for no reasons. It’s the Facts.


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