Civil Rights: $2,605,632.02 (Plus $18,000.00 in Punitive Damages,$840,000.00 in Attorneys’ Fees, and $50,000.00 in Costs) (Jury Verdict)

Plaintiff was arrested due to alcohol intoxication and put alone in a detoxification cell to sober up. About an hour later, Defendants put a belligerent and combative drunk in the cell with him. The other inmate stomped on Plaintiff’s face and head several times causing a traumatic brain injury. Plaintiff was hospitalized for more than five weeks. Plaintiff gradually recovered much of his mental and physical function, but claimed that some mental impairment remained. Plaintiff alleged claims pursuant to 42 U.S.C. § 1983, alleging Defendants violated his Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights when they failed to protect him from a life threatening beating he suffered at the hands of another inmate in the jail detoxification cell. Plaintiff asserted that the defendants did not monitor what happened in the cell and did not act in a timely manner to stop the inmate from continuing his lethal attack on Plaintiff. Defendants denied Plaintiff’s allegations and asserted that they acted reasonably and lawfully. In addition, Defendants disputed the nature and extent of Plaintiff’s injuries.

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