Auto v. Truck: $250,000.00 (Arbitration Award)

Plaintiff, a 32 year old title assistant/administrative secretary, was driving a Nissan Sentra on a major California highway when the left rear tire of her vehicle was clipped by a double tractor-trailer changing lanes, causing the plaintiff’s vehicle to suddenly cross over several lanes of freeway. The plaintiff’s vehicle subsequently struck the center divider. The plaintiff’s husband was driving a car directly behind defendant trucking company’s tractor-trailer, and witnessed the accident involving his wife. The plaintiffs contended that the truck driver changed lanes into the plaintiff’s vehicle and asserted negligence, respondeat superior, and loss of consortium claims. The defendants contended that the plaintiff saw the defendant’s truck in the process of a lane change and sped up and tried to pass the truck before the lane change was complete. The defendants also contended that the plaintiff’s injuries were exaggerated. The plaintiff suffered a 1-2 mm bulging disc resulting in the need for future surgery.

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