Animal Bites

Owners of land and owners of animals are responsible for keeping their property reasonably safe – and may be liable for injuries if they do not. The same holds for the manufacturers of unsafe products. We handle serious injuries caused by all types of unsafe products and property conditions.

Animal / Dog Bites

Animal Attacks • Disfigurement • Lacerations • Serious Injuries

When dangerous animals are allowed to attack unsuspecting individuals, their owners must be held accountable. Injuries can be painful, disfiguring and even life-threatening. Serious nerve damage or damage to muscles, ligaments and tendons can cause the afflicted individual to live with pain and restricted motion in their limbs for years to come, and possibly for a lifetime. In California, when such incidents occur, the animal’s owner is held to strict liability for any damages the dangerous animal caused.

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An attorney devoted to helping dog bite victims find justice

Attorney M. Lawrence Lallande has over 20 years of experience handling personal injury cases. With a long-abiding interest in science, he is able to effectively communicate the nature of clients’ injuries and the effects those injuries have on victims’ lives. Known among peers for his skill, ethical behavior, and compassion, M. Lawrence Lallande’s dedication to justice helps him obtain full and fair compensation for his clients. Over the years, he has won multi-million dollar settlements.

Determining liability in dog bite injury lawsuits

Whenever an animal attacks, that animal’s owner is automatically responsible for compensating the victims for their injuries. However, in some circumstances the chain of liability can go further. For example, if the dog bite occurred on property that the animal’s owner was renting, then the landlord may also be held accountable. If the landlord knowingly allowed a dangerous animal to live on the property, then he or she is also responsible for any injuries caused.

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